In National

The fund for high-performance investment and digital capital management, which operates on the basis of Blockchain technologies, as a society of safe investments.

The principle of the

By purchasing an investment package in the In National Fund,
the investor signs a smart-contract, according to which

  • 1
    The Fund undertakes to double the investment amount, due to the diversification of assets in the projects of the Fund.
  • 2
    Receives INN tokens, that generate passive income to investor, due to work of the blockchain-products of the Fund.

Fund investment activity:

Today, the Fund invests assets in the following areas:

Construction of commercial real estate in the Dominican Republic:

this is a conceptual real estate project that will be developed on one of the last beaches in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The project has a plot of land of 15,000 m2, with a 86-meter beach.

Investing in a quantum blockchain technology company:

Revival company develops innovative blockchain technologies, the main focus of the company's investment policy is the development of quantum technologies and their application in blockchains.

The Fund considers projects with a minimum income component of 140% per annum. Profits from the fund's investments will be distributed among the investors according to their contributions.

Passive income for owners of tokens INN

Each investor fund buying package gets tokens INN and passive income for these tokens * from the company blockchain-products, namely:

Fund commissions

for each purchased package or withdrawal of funds, the fund charges a commission that distributes among holders of INN tokens. example: 5,000 users are registered in the fund, who contributed $ 100 each - a total of $ 500,000 and 500,000 tokens, the commission for input will be 2% = $ 10,000, 0.02 $ passive income will be charged on each token. For internal transfers, the fund’s commission will be 1%, depending on the amounts of internal transfers, the income per 1 token.

In developing

Cryptocurrency exchange commissions

in the first quarter of 2019, the Fund plans to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange. For each transaction within the exchange will be charged a commission that will be distributed among holders of tokens INN. example: on a crypto-exchange traded per month for a total amount of 1000 btc (approximately $ 5,000,000), exchange commission 0.5% of the transaction amount, and there may be 2-3 operations for the same amount. So, with an amount of $ 5,000,000, there can be passive income from $ 25,000 to $ 75,000 - if we assume that 500,000 tokens are sold, it is from $ 0.05 to $ 0.15 per one passive income token per month. (In developing)

In developing

Commission from the work of the p2p platform

in the third quarter of 2019, the fund plans to launch a p2p platform for selling or buying cryptocurrency worldwide between users. example: on the p2p platform confer operations on the by or sale of cryptocurrency in the amount of 1000 btc (approximately $ 5,000,000), platform commission 1% of the transaction amount, which will amount to $ 50,000 or $ 0.1 per token per month (with implemented 500,000 tokens). (In developing). (In developing).

other Foundation products, see RoadMap for more details.

* Conditions apply to tokens purchased through the Fund InNational.


Who buys the package in the National Fund until January 30, 1919 Turan tokens will be added with the calculation of one token for $ 10. After the end of the action, the sale of tokens on the fund platform will be opened.

Road Map InNational*

The planned launch of the fund blockchain-products:

of 2019

start Innational
cryptocurrency exchange .

of 2019

Innational P2P


launch of multi-stor Innational for buying and selling goods and services for the fund token.


launch of the Innational e-wallet.


launching your own merchant to connect payments with tokens by third-party resources.


launch of the Innational Foundation on decentralized technology.

* The roadmap will expand and possibly change based on the active development of the fund and technology..

Fund Investment Packages:

Compensation for damages to the victims of unscrupulous projects:

In National Fund offers everyone who has lost money in unfair projects to pay damages at the expense of working in our fund.

We give everyone the opportunity to receive such compensation to fill out a form to confirm the loss of funds in projects that are no longer working. You can receive compensation for lost funds in your personal account in the office of our fund.

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